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11 april 2013

Ter gelegenheid van het afscheid van Kees Faber als voorzitter van Stichting Probos.
Life Cycle Assessment of Wooden Products in context of EPD and Building Certification, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Adolf Daniel Merl, PE INTERNATIONAL, Managing Director Central & Eastern Europe

Life Cycle Thinking and the optimization of processes, services, and products by applying Life Cycle Assessment is becoming more and more a standard approach in industry. Especially the LCA of wooden products and their environmental performance from cradle to grave is still discussed in industry and in international standardization organizations like ISO. The presentation will start with an introduction into LCA and the presentation of various examples from projects of PE INTERNATIONAL. The following issues in relation to wood based products will be highlighted:

  • The system of wood based products and the sensitive processes from cradle to grave.
  • Environmental impacts of production steps, related supply chain, transportation, and 'End of life'
  • Carbon uptake, sequestration, and emission at the end of life.
  • Material recycling and final energy generation

In building industry EPD´s (Environmental Product Declaration) are becoming more and more an important instrument for the communication of technical and environmental performance of materials. EPD´s are external reviewed and therefore used for business to business communication as well as an information tool for the end consumer. In 'green' or 'blue' building certification EPD´s are an important information source. Presenting wood related case studies and projects from PE INTERNATIONAL the following issues will be highlighted:

  • What is an EPD
  • Systems in Europe, differences and efforts on European harmonization
  • The German EPD system of IBU and the European platform ECO in context with the new standard EN 15804
  • Examples of EPD´s of wooden products and the concept of 'EPD 2.0' from PE INTERNATIONAL
  • The role of EPD´s in building certification
  • Timber related aspects in EPD´s and building certification
  • Example of DGNB building certification of a wooden building: the EGGER office building in Radauti, Romania. A timber framed building awarded with DGNB gold standard.


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