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Webinar on the EU proposal for a regulation on deforestation-free products

02 februari 2020

With the adoption of a new EU regulation on timber, soy, coffee, cocoa, beef and palm oil, EU businesses will be faced with new legal requirements. Join this webinar to get a better understanding of how it may affect you.

At this free webinar, our sourcing specialists will take you through the main points of the proposal and give you are clearer understanding of what the regulation will mean to companies and stakeholders operating in supply chains including timber, soy, coffee, cocoa, beef and palm oil. The new anti-deforestation regulation will not only apply to timber companies, who already need to comply with the EU Timber Regulation, but also to companies handling products that include soy, coffee, cocoa, beef and palm oil.
The event will be held in English and is scheduled for 10.00 – 11.15 CET on the 3rd of March 2022.

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The webinar will be hosted by Preferred by Nature’s responsible sourcing specialists Christian Sloth and David Hadley Garcia. They will provide insights into the key elements and requirements of the proposed regulation and give companies in the sectors of timber, soy, coffee, cocoa, beef and palm oil an idea of what to prepare for if and when this proposed regulation steps into force.
About the proposed Regulation on deforestation-free products.

In November 2021 the European Union released a Proposal for a Regulation on deforestation-free products. Although changes may still be incorporated before the final version of the Regulation is passed, we now have a much better idea of what the scope and specific requirements may be for this Regulation.
Including some of the most forest- and climate impacting commodities such as soy, timber, coffee, cocoa, beef and palm oil, the EU proposal goes far beyond any existing European measures to control the trade in forest and agricultural products linked to deforestation.

“This is indeed a very ambitious proposal. It has a wider scope, a stronger and clearer definition of responsibility, and more emphasis on data collecting and documentation than any existing regulation or policy in this area. If implemented in its current form and shape, we believe it could reduce EU’s contribution to deforestation significantly,” said Christian Sloth, Forest Legality Manager at Preferred by Nature.

About the LIFE Legal Wood project
This webinar is a part of a series of events completed within a project funded by the European Union’s LIFE Programme.
LIFE Legal Wood is an international project committed to providing professionals with all the information they need to understand the European Timber Regulation (EUTR) through free risk assessments, stakeholder networks and seminars, and online due diligence tools. The project’s target audience is companies active in the European wood and wood products value chain who must adapt to the EUTR. Have a look at for more information about due diligence and supply chain mapping.
The project is led by Preferred by Nature, an NGO, and is supported by Amfori, Baskegur, Cesefor, Conlegno, Etifor, Foresna, GD Holz, Le Commerce du Bois, Probos, and the Competent Authorities of Belgium, Germany and Spain.