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Chatham House Indicators of Illegal Logging

07 oktober 2019

Chatham House has been working on forest governance, illegal logging and deforestation since 2000. Much of Chatham House work focuses on efforts to tackle the international trade in illegal timber. This includes the Indicators of Illegal Logging Project, which investigates the nature and extent of illegal logging and the associated trade in illegal timber, as well as the effectiveness of the response to this issue by both the government and the private sector.

Regularly assessments of forest-sector policies in 19 countries, both timber 'producer' and important timber consumer countries, are reviewed and updated. Probos has contributed to this project in 2013 and is now in 2019 again involved for the policy assessment of the Netherlands.

All the reports, including individual reports on all 19 countries, and the latest synthesis report, are available on:


uitvoerder(s): Mark van Benthem
opdrachtgever(s): Chatham House
periode van uitvoering: 2019