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CBI Scenario planning: Impact of the European Timber Regulation for SME timber exporters in developing countries

02 februari 2012

CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries) provides up-to-date EU market insights. It is a valuable source of intelligence for exporters to prepare and maintain their export marketing activities. CBI has asked Probos to provide a scenario planning regarding the European Timber Regulation.

As of March 3 2013 companies placing timber on the EU market have to be able to proof that this timber is sourced legally. This can be a challenge. Especially in countries where forest law enforcement and good governance is not properly functioning. The implementation of the EUTR will influence the import of timber products by EU-member states. The exact consequences of the EUTR on SME (Small and Medium Enterprises ) exporters in the South are unknown. However, it is possible to predict likely scenarios for this specific group of exporters. These scenarios are drawn up by Probos. Business Support Organisations (BSOs) can use these scenarios to inform, prepare and train their member firms, so they can anticipate on these scenarios if they occur.


uitvoerder(s): Mark van Benthem en Annemieke Winterink
opdrachtgever(s): CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries)
periode van uitvoering: 2012