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Study tropical timber and pulp and paper flows

02 oktober 2017

Probos has performed an analyses of the consumption of tropical primary timber product and the imports of wood pulp, paper and secondary paper products from tropical countries (incl. China) by EU member states. With the aim to identify those countries that have the highest share within the consumption and import. It also focused on identifying the most relevant actors in those countries. 

The published paper identifies trends in the trade of tropical timber on the European market, and explores how a European commitment to 100% verified sustainable tropical timber, possibly combined with a sustainable tropical timber and pulp and paper covenant, can contribute to deforestation free supply chains and climate change mitigation targets.

Main findings:

  1. Probos estimates that currently, only 30% of all primary tropical timber products on the EU market are verified sustainable.
  2. The countries that signed the Amsterdam Declaration consume 68.5% of the total EU28 tropical primary timber. If Belgium would be added, 81% of the total EU28 tropical primary timber consumption is potentially influenced.
  3. If all these countries would source verified sustainable primary tropical timber products, it would have a positive impact on approximately 5.3 million ha of tropical forests.

The paper was commissioned by IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative, convenor and key funder of the European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (STTC,


uitvoerder(s): Mark van Benthem, Jasprina Kremers, Jan Oldenburger
opdrachtgever(s): IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative
periode van uitvoering: 2017 - 2018


final paper:
Press Release: