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Tailored Intelligence Tropical Timber

06 juni 2013

IDH (the Sustainable Trade Initiative) has asked CBI (Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries) to develop a tailored market intelligence product in the field of tropical timber. The IDH Tropical Timber program focuses on sustainable forest management.

It consists of five elements. Through three tropical timber programs, concession holders in the Amazon, Borneo and the Congo Basin are supported on their way towards sustainable forest management. The other two activities aim to increase the demand for sustainable tropical timber in the Netherlands and in other countries in Europe. Sufficient demand is an important success factor for sustainable forest management in the production countries. This tailored intelligence study is closely related to the Linking Europe (LE) program of IDH.

To execute the LE-program in the most effective way, market intelligence is needed concerning the trade of tropical timber from the countries involved in the three IDH tropical timber programs to the different countries and market (segments) in Europe. Tropical Timber is imported directly and indirectly into the European Union. The information need is for this reason not limited to the direct trade from the IDH program countries to Europe, but includes the indirect trade through wood processing countries, like for instance China and Vietnam. To better understand the tropical timber markets within different European countries, IDH is interested in a detailed overview and description of these markets in the most important EU-countries.

This Tailored Intelligence study on tropical timber will give a more structural overview of the most significant trade flows of tropical timber to the EU from the countries involved in the three IDH programs. The study results will be used by IDH to focus their efforts, to remove or minimize practical barriers that prevent trade of sustainable produced tropical timber, on specific sectors, markets or countries.


uitvoerder(s): Mark van Benthem, Jan Oldenburger, Gebca Velema and Annemieke Winterink
opdrachtgever(s): CBI
periode van uitvoering: 2012