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Real potential for changes in growth and use of EU forests - EUwood - Final report

29 april 2013

Nico Leek en Jan Oldenburger (Probos), Udo Mantau en Ulrike Saal (Universiteit Hamburg), Kit Prins en Florian Steierer (UNECE), Marcus Lindner, Hans Verkerk en Jeannette Eggers (EFI), Antti Asikainen en Perttu Anttila (METLA), June 2010

The relevance of woody biomass in all sect ors has substantially increased in the last decade. New consumers joined the mark et and new products were developed. Arising from higher ambitions and target s for renewable energy in general and wood in particular, the concern about availability of wood on a sustainable basis became more important. The upcomi ng competition between the demands for wood energy and traditional forest based industries in creases the need for better information on woody biomass at European level.